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METRICS Directions

structural financial products, algorithms and strategies,
development of software and hardware solutions

Achieving your goals

● Take the opportunity to increase the return on your investment in fixed income debt instruments, including bank deposits and bonds.
● Supplement these traditional tools with structural financial products with the help of an advisory service for their formation and maintenance.
● Use a robo-adviser to support decision making, automate your business processes.

Investment Advisor - Your Right Choice

● Not many consultants have a quarter-century practice:
● use of a wide range of complex financial instruments,
● experience of going through several crises,
● not offering customers other people's products with a personal interest from banks, brokers or management companies.
● The regularity of current offers for customers - the moments of formation of market entry strategies.
● No hidden fees built into the product.
● Adequate cost of escort and structuring services.
● Customer satisfaction is the key to a successful consultant business, in the absence of such a fee is always returned, long-term cooperation is in our common interests!

Attracting an Advisor to Solve Your Tasks

● The approach “profitability versus risk” allows you to get new opportunities for choosing a profitable investment of your funds and expand the range of acceptable investment options:
● from 100% protection of initial investments, where in any case you return the invested amount,
● to options that allow higher risk and significant revenue.
● Transparency - you will see how your portfolio is structured and functions, control the risk of the location of funds, since the product is created in fact by you and on your own accounts.
● Security - you do not need to transfer assets to unverified structures,  You will hold and investments will be made through financial institutions that you are used to working with.
● Certainty in planning - the timing of investments and the time of release of your funds were initially determined.
● Assistance in an objective analysis of portfolio building options with the help of a robo-adviser.
● Ability to create custom modules according to user requirements to perform specific algorithms.

Advantages of including structural products in Your portfolio

● Expanding the range of your financial decisions with the possibility of increasing profitability in comparison with commonly used and familiar fixed-income instruments (deposits and bonds)
● or reducing risk by investing in more conservative instruments, but maintaining the same level of profitability potential.
● An alternative to bank deposits for storing and growing assets:
● country diversification and
● the opportunity to open investment accounts with a reputable American broker Interactive Brokers, which has a 40-year history of servicing customers in more than 100 markets around the world and with a consolidated equity of more than $ 5 billion (the investment level of Interactive Brokers LLC is estimated by Standard & Poor's) .